Managing wealth entails working closely with you to determine your investment preferences. These proactive solutions are designed for you if you want to keep control of your wealth while benefiting from our expertise across multiple asset classes.


Whichever path you choose to take, we provide you with tailor-made, fitting and efficient services. Based on your investor profile, we will elaborate together a diversified bespoke investment management strategy. In order to fulfill our mission, we are implementing an asset allocation that is both robust and flexible. In this context, we give you the opportunity to directly access the expertise and creativity of our team of experts (Advisory and Trading).

Whether in terms of structuring your investment vehicles (Structured Products, Actively Managed Certificate, derivative products, creation of dedicated funds) or the selection of securities (stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc...), our team of experts is here to accompany you throughout the lifespan process of your wealth.

Discretionary Portfolio

Should you choose to delegate the management of your wealth to us, we will ensure that each decision taken is in line with your risk profile, the desired return and your investment horizon, while ensuring that it is suitable to the fulfillment of your investment objectives.


We provide innovative and tailor-made solutions to meet the expectations of our demanding customers. We offer you the possibility of choosing different currencies as reference currencies.

External Asset

Should you already have an independent financial manager, we can support him by giving him access to our financial infrastructure. We will grant him access to the top-tier partners in the various asset classes to our Online trading platform (direct access to the market or even access to our dedicated trading team) as well as to our financial know-how.

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