Warwyck Private Bank traces its roots back to ten experienced businessmen who decided to create a company committed to the long-term protection and sustained flourishing of the wealth of its clients. These aspirations led them to the island of Mauritius where their enterprise was granted the very first license to operate as an exclusively Private Banking and Wealth Management institution.


Today, our Bank is an integral part of Warwyck Group which comprises of Warwyck Private Bank, Warwyck Phoenix Securities (Broker) and Warwyck Phoenix VCC (Fund Management), all striving side by side to achieve the founders’ vision.

Our bank adheres to the best standards of the profession while taking full advantage of the well-regulated and investor friendly environment of Mauritius.


Warwyck Group dedicates its energy to offer a tailor-made expert services to High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI) from around the globe.


With the help of our investment advisory team, clients are guided to achieve the full potential of their capital. Our rigorous internal management allows us to limit our costs, our adaptability and agility let us to react instantly to unexpected and sudden market volatility and experience are put at the service of our clients' interests. While we help them to protect the wealth they built, we are by their side to maximise their efforts to create value.


Built on the core values of confidentiality, protection, reliability, and security, the Group builds a sustainable relationship with its clientele.




"In 1598, eight ships set sail from the Netherlands to the Indian subcontinent. After having rounded the Cape of Good Hope, they ran into foul weather. Five of the ships were separated and continued sailing under the orders of Admiral Wybrand van Warwyck. On the 20th of September, they landed on an island, which they named after their sovereign, Prince Maurits Van Nassau. To this day, the island retains the Latin version of his name: Mauritius, while our bank was inspired by the Admiral’s last name hence: Warwyck Private Bank."