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CEO's Message - Loïc Chollet-Vergé

Since its inception in 2014, the Warwyck Group, founded by renowned entrepreneurs, has retained its Boutique Bank spirit and has strengthened its entrepreneurial DNA, which we share with our customers, to meet their specific private banking needs.


Warwyck Private Bank Ltd, the pillar of the group, is the only bank in Mauritius to date to operate under a private banking licence granted by the regulatory authorities.


The shareholders have chosen to locate the group in one of Africa's leading financial centres, which offers an ideal platform for private banking and wealth management services. It is a stable, fully regulated financial centre that is attractive to investors from around the world.


Warwyck Private Bank Ltd, supported by its sister companies, Warwyck Phoenix Securities and Warwyck Phoenix PCC, is positioned as a "one stop shop" for the core needs of a discerning private banking clientele. 


Our solutions take the sophistication and rigour of the large Swiss private banks, where the shareholder group is based, and add innovation and agility, as we have demonstrated by offering the first Mauritian crypto fund (Warwyck Phoenix PCC).


As the quality of customer relations is at the centre of our attention, we are committed to ensuring that the teams (multilingual and multicultural) of our different structures work together to implement the vision of our shareholders in terms of performance, protection, reliability, confidentiality and trust.


From a security and transaction protection perspective, the Warwyck Group is managed in accordance with the highest international compliance and regulatory standards.


Confident in our ability to meet our customers' wishes, we are fully committed to expanding our business wherever entrepreneurs seek innovative and professional solutions.