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CEO's Message - Didier Bruguet

Since its creation in 2014, the Warwyck group, founded by proven entrepreneurs, has kept its spirit of "Boutique Bank" and reinforced its entrepreneurial DNA which we share with our customers to meet the specific needs in terms of private banking and management of their wealth.


Warwyck Private Bank Ltd, pillar of the group, is the only bank in Mauritius to operate under a private banking license granted by the regulatory authorities.


This niche approach integrated into an efficient organization and a tight management promotes strategic interaction with its customers, allows us to be proactive, innovative and to offer services at the most competitive cost.


The founding shareholders of our group have chosen to locate the group in one of the main financial centers of Africa, which offers an ideal platform for private banking and wealth management services. It is a stable financial center, perfectly regulated and attractive to investors worldwide.


In addition, our international dimension has led us to have a number of our employees also present in Geneva.


The quality of the customer relationship being at the center of our attention, we are committed to ensuring that the teams (multilingual and multicultural) of our various structures work together to implement the vision of our shareholders in terms of performance values, protection , reliability, confidentiality and trust.


From a security and transaction protection perspective, the Warwyck Group is managed in accordance with the highest international compliance and regulatory standards.


Confident in our ability to meet the wishes of our customers, we are fully focused on the development of our activities in Europe and recently in Africa, either directly or through partnerships wherever entrepreneurs are looking for innovative and professional solutions.